L.L. Bean Track Team
State Championships - 7/27/2003

"Photo Shoot"
The team after the State Championships!
Top: Marjorie Graff, Denise Locke, Mary Rial
Bottom: Roger Borduas, Bill Whelan, Joanne Petkus
Front: Tray

I think 2003 will be known as a transition year for us. Many of our regulars had conflicts and were unable to join us so the team was its smallest in several years. (16 on the team, only 6 made it to the State meet!)
As small as we were, clearly, the enthusiasm of the participants was as high as it has ever been.

One of the big highlights of the season was seeing Marjorie Graff, wife of Jim Graff (Returns - Corporate Repairs), win the annual Tim Smith Award. This award - given in honor of a deceased UNUM runner - goes to the outstanding distance runner of the season. Runners competing in the 800M, 1600M, 2 mile and 5K events are eligible...
Marjorie, not only competed in all of those events, but won every race she entered!
Congratulations, Marjorie!

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