March 16, 2005

 The meeting was held at 5:30 PM at Anthem BC/BS
Chuck Record (BankNorth)
Cheryl Gilbert (BIW)
Irene Fitzgerald (Maine DEP)
Lisa Gyurko (Banknorth, Secretary)
Peter Serunian (Anthem)
Puddy Holmes (UNUMProvident, Treasurer)
Sam Rinaldi (Wright Express)
Tom Blake (UNUMProvident)
Jeff Scully (Maine Games)
1.) Meeting Minutes to last meeting reviewed and approved.
2.) Maine Games History:
    Jeff Scully from Maine Games attended the meeting to discuss the workings
    of the Maine games.  Maine games was looking for MECTA to join in on their
    Maine Games state event to be held the weekend of June 25th.  The Maine Games
    is entering its third year.  It is growing throughout the country and offers
    a variety of sports to people of all ages (the youngest athlete was 3).
    Clinics are run for the Maine Games and this year Tom Petranoff will be
    putting on a javelin clinic.  Tom holds the record for the longest javelin
    throw, at 319 feet.   The Maine Games is also highly advertised and could
    provide MECTA with the opportunity to get more publicity, which could hel
    the organization grow and recruit new members.
3.) MECTA Discussion on Maine Games:
    Sam, Jenny and Bill met with Jeff and notes from this meeting were sent to
    prior to this meeting via e-mail (contact Sam for a copy of this e-mail if

    Attendees of the meeting unanimously agreed to the motion as stated by Tom,
    to look into MECTA going to the Maine Games the weekend of June 25th (likely
    Saturday, 6/25).   This meet will be an additional meet and will not replace
    any existing meet.  Scoring will be looked into to determine if we will have
    separate scoring.  Competitors who pay the fee, currently $20 for 2 events
    and $5 for each additional event, will be eligible for medals and have an
    opportunity to qualify for the national meet.  Jeff mentioned that we may be
    able to pay a flat fee $10.  He also felt there would be a way to dual score
    people if they pay the fee and want to score for METCA and for the Maine
    Games.  METCA will provide volunteers to help with officiating.   The meet
    will most likely be held at Fitzpatrick Stadium and the cost will be covered
    by the Maine Games (cost is $1700/day).   It was mentioned to Jeff that if we
    use Fitzpatrick extra precautions need to be made for the discus event, as we
    had issues last season with discs hitting the track.  There was a family
    relay last year and the group encouraged Jeff to do more relays, as they are
    fun part of the MECTA meets.  It was questioned if we would add our own
    events to satisfy MECTA members.  That will need to be discussed.

    Sam, Jenny and Bill will meet with Jeff again in April to work out any
    details, including fees, scoring and if they will run separate events for
    MECTA members.
 4.) Jury of Appeals:
    Tom created a document discussing a proposal for a Jury of Appeals.   This
    was discussed briefly, but since many members, including Tom were not present
    during the discussion it will be on the Agenda for Aprils meeting.  The
    meeting members did agree that the captain that called the meeting should be
    the one to communicate the issue, as it may get lost in the translation if it
    is communicated through other individuals.  Cheryl would like to see how
    other people handle this and will be researching other methods.
 5.) Corporate Challenge Triathlon:
    Cheryl Gilbert mentioned a triathlon in Bath that was willing to set up a
    corporate challenge.    Captains should communicate this opportunity with
    their teams to see if there is interest and if they would be interested in
    doing the triathlon individually, combined, men and women together or
 6.) MECTA Practices
    If there is interest MECTA would like to hold a MECTA practice where all
    teams come together to practice.  This would be a once a week practice and
    all would be invited.  It would most likely be in the Portland area, however
    there is a possibility to have additional practices in other areas such as
    Lewiston if there is enough interest.  If this MECTA practice is held at
    South Portland where Unum practices, MECTA members will not be able to join
    in with Unum unless they pay a fee.  Unum holds a separate practice and pay
    for their coaching. Having weekly MECTA practices will be discussed further
    at the next meeting.
 7.) Misc:
    There was a proposal for a Budget committee (to develop an annual budget for
    MECTA) - See Steve's e-mail.  Irene has had a budget in the past and we can
    likely work off of that budget as a base.

    What happens to new teams if there are only a couple of draftees in the pool
    and teams only get one or two draftees?
 8.) To Do List:
    - Bill needs to add the Maine Games link to the MECTA website.
    - Lisa will send an e-mail notification of upcoming meetings the Monday
      before each meeting with another reminder the day before.  The meets are
      held the 3rd Wed of each month.  Minutes will be sent via e-mail and later
      posted to the MECTA website.
    - All captains will need to report to Chris what draftees they will keep by
      April 13th.  Those draftees who are not fore mentioned by that date will
      re-enter the pool.  Lisa will send a reminder to the captains a week before
      the 13th.
  9.) April Agenda Items:
    - Update on conversations with Bill about the Maine Games
    - Review and discuss Tom's proposal for a Jury of Appeals and discuss any
      items Cheryl has found through her research
    - Draft
    - Committee Reports
    - Compile an inventory of assets
    - Closing nationals account (Chuck will have spreadsheet to review and
    - Meet dates and locations update (could not provide update because Jim Dyer,
      meet director was not available)
    - Using National events at our Regionals meet
    - Team member eligibility - Chuck to review with captains who is eligible
    - MECTA practices
    - Clarification of team selection vs. the draft selection update provided by

The meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.
The next meeting will be held at Anthem at 5:30 PM on April 20, 2005.  

Submitted by Lisa Gyurko,  Mar. 16, 2005.