February 16, 2005

 The meeting was held at 5:30 PM at Anthem BC/BS
Sam Rinaldi (Wright Express)
Chuck Record (BankNorth)
Cheryl Gilbert (BIW)
Peter Serunian (Anthem)
Steve Roy (IDEXX)
Emily Smith (MaineHealth)
Nick Hodgkins (Maine DEP)
Jenny Nelson (USM)
Kathy Smith (St Mary's) - on phone
Rachel Brennan (St. Mary's) - on phone
Bill Whelan (L.L.Bean)

1.) Meeting Minutes to last meeting reviewed and approved.
2.) Mid-Winter Get Together:
    Crickets will be the venue of the winter get together. 
    The group agreed on the date on Wed, March 2nd at 5:30.
 3.) Elections
     The following people were elected to the Board:
     Treasurer: Puddy Holmes (UNUM Provident)
     Secretary: Lisa Gyurko (Banknorth)
     Board member: Jenny Nelson (USM)
 4.) MaineHealth vs. St. Marys:
     Emily passed out 'org' charts explaining the  connections between the
     MaineHealth subsidiaries and affiliates. The affiliates (such as St. Mary's)
     can organize separate teams, while employees of the subsidiaries would be 
     part of the MaineHealth team. 
 5.) Season Meet Schedule:
     Chuck discussed a list of potential dates:
     -- Wednesday, May 25th at Falmouth HS
     -- Wednesday, June 8th at South Portland HS
     -- Saturday, June 18th at Westbrook (N.E. Regionals)
     -- Wednesday, July 13th at Brunswick HS
     -- Saturday, July 30th at South Portland HS

     The locations are very tentative and in fact there is already a conflict 
     on June 8th with another Championship track meet. We would like to 
     instead have this meet on June 7th which is a Tuesday. Please let Chuck know 
     how you feel about this as soon as you can.
 5a.) We also discussed a possible association with the Maine Games
     - Would the Maine Games be considered an extra meet?
     - Would it replace teh Regional meet?
     - Would we be able to blend our meet format with theirs?

     No decisions were made, except to set up an ad-hoc committee, which
     will be made up of Jenny, Sam & Bill W. (Jenny will lead)
 6.) USATF
     Joann Petkus of teh USATF is looking to build a relationship with MECTA.
     They are willing to put on clinice fo officials, special events, etc.
 7.) Draftees
     It was decide that we will add the Draftee information to the website.
     This would include names as well as the details of the draft process.
     We will also add links to online equipment sellers.
 8.) Future topics
     - MECTA track practices - is it possible to set up a location (or locations)
       for and interested teams to participate?
       Where would they be?  When? What woudl they include? Who will lead?

     - Corporate Challange - Triathalons - is there any interest?
The meeting adjourned at 7:05 PM.
The next meeting will be held at Anthem at 5:30 PM on March 16, 2005.  

Submitted by Bill Whelan,  Feb. 24, 2005.