October 20, 2004

 The meeting was held at 5:30 PM at G.H. Bass
Sam Rinaldi (Wright Express)
Chuck Record (BankNorth)
Chris Supple (G.H. Bass)
Cheryl Gilbert (BIW)
Peter Serunian (Anthem)
Tom Blake (Unum Provident)

1.) Due to a significant and very disappointing lack of attendees at this
    meeting, the elections for the MECTA Board will be postponed until the
    November 17th meeting at Anthem. Nominations should be sent to Sam Rinaldi
    by November 10th. A Ballot will be sent out to all team Captains by
    November 15th.

2.) Treasurers Report:
   a.) Tom Blake will send out a note to all teams that still owe money for
       Nationals medals.  There should be payment for 2 ads in the program
       forthcoming. A formal Nationals finance report should be ready for the
       November 17th MECTA meeting.
   b.) Pam Swan is still due some reimbursement money from MECTA for the 2004
       season.  There is still n contact with Irene Fitzgerald in regard to
       control of the MECTA checking account.  Chris Supple will attempt to
       contact her. A motion was made to pay Pam swan the amount due out of the
       Nationals account. There were 6 votes in favor and 0 votes against.
       Cheryl Gilbert provided a copy of the invoice to Chris Supple for payment.
 3.) By a request to update the MECTA Mission Statement, we are accepting input
     and proposed statements from any MECTA member.  Thus far, only one
     proposal has been submitted. Please submit your input to Chris Supple
     prior to the November 17th meeting.  All input received will be given

 4.) Indoor Track Meet:  MECTA members have been invited to compete at the
     open indoor track and field meet at Bates College on December 10, 2004.
     Contact Cheryl Gilbert for registration information.  Based on this meet
     and another open meet to be put on by USATF in 2005, we believe it would
     be best to promote MECTA participation in these meets, rather than have
     our own meet. We can evaluate interest and participation, and determine
     if a MECTA only indoor meet would be something to consider in the future.
 5.) In response to an inquiry regarding the volunteers at Nationals and
     whether they were adequately recognized for their efforts, Tom cited the
     multiple ways that they were thanked (shirts, food, free entrance to the
     lobster bake). It was thought that perhaps some volunteers were not aware
     of these things, which indicated a breakdown of communication on the part
     of the teamís volunteer coordinator..
The meeting adjourned at 6:45 PM.
The next meeting will be held at Anthem at 5:30 PM on November 17, 2004.  

Submitted by Chris Supple,  Oct20, 2004.