September 15, 2004

 The meeting was held at 5:30 PM at G.H. Bass
Sam Rinaldi (Wright Express)
Chuck Record (BankNorth)
Chris Supple (G.H. Bass)
Cheryl Gilbert (BIW)
David Caldwell (City of Portland)
Peter Serunian (Anthem)
Jim Dyer ( Meet Director)
Bill Whelan (L.L. Bean)
Lars Mothander (Disability RMS
Tom Blake (Unum Provident)
Steve Roy (Idexx)

1.) 2004 Season Review
	a.) Although the Meet Director did receive some feedback, feedback forms
	    were not widely used.  The Meet Director relies on this tool to make
	    on the website if is not already there.  The idea of using the MECTA
	    table at meets to submit forms was discussed. That is certainly an
	    acceptable option.

       It should be announced at the meets that forms are available and anyone
       can fill them out.  Positive feedback is encouraged as much as
       onstructive criticism.

	b.) The Meet Director is in favor of eliminating volunteers from the pool
	    of officials, as it has historically not been possible to rely on them.
	    Tom Blake made a motion to budget for officials without the use of
	    volunteers.  Chuck record seconded this motion.  After discussion a
	    vote was held.  There were 8 votes in favor and 1 vote against.

	c.) Other various comments were made to include:
     - The central organizing area for the meet director and officials was a
     - Bib numbers not matching the correct athlete caused confusion.  Use of
       color coded bibs by age group and having blank bibs with a master roster
       available to assist when someone forgets their number, would help
       eliminate this confusion.  Tom is going to donate extra bibs from
       Nationals to Pam Swan (scorer).
     - Athletes who can and are going to pass height in the high jump should
       let the high jump official know this as soon as possible.  The practice
       of announcing a raise in the high jump bar was beneficial and will
     - The different shot put weight used for different age groups continues
       to cause confusion.  Pre season weigh in and color-coding are definite
       possibilities for the 2005 season.
     - The MECTA meeting agenda should include old and new business.

     A protest committee, like that used at Nationals should be considered.
     Tom Blake and Jim Dyer will put together a proposal.

	d.) Tom Blake made a motion to hire Jim Dyer as the Meet Director for the
	    2005 season.  Steve Roy seconded the motion.  There were 8 votes in
	    favor and 1 vote against.

2.) Update on possible Indoor Meet.
	Cheryl Gilbert reports the use of the Bowdoin facility should not be a
	problem. We should also consider attaching to an existing USATF meet.
	Chris Supple is still trying to get information from the USM facility.
	Tom Blake provided dates of when the Portland Expo is available.

3.) Elections for the MECTA Board will be held at the next meeting on October
    20, 2004.  Nominations should be submitted to Sam Rinaldi or Chris Supple.
    A ballot will be prepared ahead of time for each position.  New teams will
    need to pay their 2005 dues in order to vote.

The meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM  

Submitted by Chris Supple,  Sept 15, 2004.