August 25, 2004

 The meeting was held at 5:30 PM at G.H. Bass
Chris Supple (Vice President)
Chuck Record (BankNorth)
Bill Whelan (L.L. Bean)
Peter Dube (Semiconductor of Maine)
Cheryl Gilbert (BIW)
Steve Roy (Idexx)

1.)  A motion was made to allow the merger of Fairchild Semiconductor
     and National Semiconductor to continue in 2005, as it was on a
     trial basis this year and is technically not a legal merger based
     on current MECTA rules.

    The reasons presented in support of this motion were:
     a.) Without the merger, there is a strong possibility that neither
         company would  be able to field a team.
     b.) This was one company at one time, which was a MECTA member.
     c.) There Fitness Center, which is the center for team recruitment,
         serves both companies.

    The reasons presented against this motion were:
     a.) It does contradict an existing rule.
     b.) All teams have recruiting difficulties, why should this exception
         be made.
     c.) Allowing this could set a bad precedent.

The motion was redefined to allow the merger for one additional year, to
again be reviewed after the 2005 season.
The motion was seconded and a vote was held. The motion passed by a count
of 5 votes in favor and 1 vote against.

2.) Feedback on the possibility of holding an indoor track and field meet
    this winter was good.  Teams all had at least a warm response to the idea,
    as long as we were talking about an event that could be easily planned and
    executed, not something that would require the amount of work as Nationals.
    It was decided that we should take a close look at possible venues for this
    meet.  We need to identify availability  and costs.  We request the
    following people research these questions with the facility listed next to
    their names, and provide detailed feedback at the next MECTA meeting:

    a.) Cheryl Gilbert/Pam Swan   Bowdoin College
    b.) Chris Supple/Jenny Nelson   USM
    c.) Lars Mothander/Tom Blake   Portland EXPO

There is also some interest in promoting MECTA participation at the USATF
meet at Bowdoin in February.

3.) Review of MECTA Mission
    In an effort to clearly understand and define the role of MECTA in order
    for us to have an effective Mission statement around which we can base all
    future decisions, we are looking for feedback on the current mission
    statement. This is officially presented as Article III "Purpose" of the
    MECTA By Laws, which can be found on the MECTA website.  All team Captains
    and Board members are encouraged to review this document and send
    suggestions for updating or improving this document, to the MECTA Vice
    President, Chris Supple.  Prior to the next MECTA meeting, Chris will
    redistribute all meaningful feedback to all team Captains and Board
    members for review.  At the next MECTA meeting, this topic will be
    discussed and possibly referred to a committee.

 4.) The MECTA scorer, Pam Swan, has been given access to the MECTA website
     to perform updates to records and meet results.
5.) The possibility of a MECTA fund raiser is beginning to take shape.
    The most popular suggestion at this time is to organize a golf tournament
    in the Spring of 2005.  Besides raising money for MECTA, and the teams, we
    will possibly identify a charity organization to benefit as well.  A
    committee definitely needs to be formed for this undertaking.  Chuck Record
    of BankNorth is the initial point person.  Please poll your teams to
    recruit committee members for this event and help put them in contact with

6.) With the remaining time we held some initial discussion on the future
    status of draftees. A few ideas were presented for discussion.

    a.) An idea was presented to allow draftees to remain, as draftees,
        with the teams that they participated with in 2004, assuming that the
        individual and team were in agreement. The individual would be required
        to pay the $50 draft fee.
    b.) Change the draft order to be based on percentage within divisions
        rather than pure roster numbers.
    c.) Where applicable, publish the names of the companies that these
        draftees are employed by, to further encourage and publicize our
        commitment to corporate wellness.

Chuck Record has put together a proposal to help outline how the draft
process might work going forward.  This was distributed to all team
Captains in attendance, and will be available at the next meeting.

7.) Elections of all MECTA Board positions will be held at the October
    meeting.  MECTA members should begin to consider pursing these positions if
    they have an interest.  Nominations should be communicated with the nominee
    prior to it being made at the time of the election, to insure acceptance of
    the nomination.  More about this topic will be discussed at the September
    MECTA meeting.

9.) The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:05 PM.
10.) The next MECTA Captains' Meeting will be held on Wednesday,
     September 15th at 5:30 PM. The location is to be determined.


Submitted by Chris Supple,  Aug 25, 2004.