August 4, 2004

 The meeting was held at 5:30 PM at Antham Blue Cross/Blue Shiend
Sam Rinaldi (President/Wright Express)
Chris Supple (Vice President)
Pam Swan (Scorer)
Chuck Record (BankNorth)
Bill Whelan (L.L. Bean)
Peter Dube (Semiconductor of Maine)
Cheryl Gilbert (BIW)
Steve Roy (Idexx)
David Caldwell (City of Portland)
Lars Mothander (Core)
Peter Serunian (Board Member/Anthem)
Tom Blake (Board Member/Unum Provident)

1.) A request was made to send out MECTA meeting reminders no later than
    the Monday prior to the upcoming meeting.  This will be adhered to as much
    as possible.

2.) Tom Kirner (Unum Provident) a member of the Institute for Civic
    Leadership has requested permission to be able to nominate MECTA for annual
    Collaborative Leadership Award for the work the league does to promote
    health, fitness and wellness among corporate employees and adults in
    A motion was made to allow the nomination and that motion was seconded.
    The motion passed by a 6 to 0 vote.  One voter abstained.

3.) Nationals Finance update shows a current balance of $4242.36 with a
    number of payments still due to the league, and the majority of expenses
    already paid.

4.) The question was raised whether a time or mark set at Nationals in an
    event that is done during the MECTA season, can qualify as a MECTA record
    if that time or mark happens to be better than the current MECTA record.
    (example: Idexx ran the Pyramid relay at Nationals in a time that would set
    a new MECTA record).  It was decide that it should be talked about further,
    but it has not been done in the past.

5.) Tom Blake advised those in attendance that his term on the USCAA Board
    is expiring soon, and he will not be running for another term.  He and
    Cheryl Gilbert encourage anyone interested in assuming a role on the USCAA
    Board to let them know, as it would be beneficial to maintain a strong
    MECTA presence on that Board.  There is also a committee in charge of
    selecting sites for future Nationals competitions.  MECTA members are also
    encouraged to join this committee.

6.) A motion was made to approve full payment to the MECTA Meet Director
    for the 2004 season.  The motion was seconded and passed by a vote
    of 9 to 0.
    The MECTA President and VP will work with the Meet Director to follow
    through with that payment.

7.) The ideas was raised about potentially holding one indoor track and
    field meet this winter.  It was decided to have team Captains to gather
    input from their teams as to the level of interest.  A few MECTA members
    are researching possible locations.  The feedback will be reviewed  future

8.) Nominations were read for the Tim Smith, Peter Cooley, and MECTA
    Captain's awards.  Votes were turned into Sam Rinaldi for tabulation. The
    winners are as follows:
    Tim Smith Award: Scott Gorneau (Idexx),
    Peter Cooley Award: Chris Supple (Idexx)
    MECTA Captain's Award: Chuck Record (BankNorth).

9.) A long list of topics was reviewed  upcoming meeting to prioritize the
    order by which they would be addressed.  That order is shown below and will
    be adhered to as much as possible. The order was determined by a combined
    effort of all in attendance, and was primarily based on a combination of
    importance and time sensitivity.  Official dates are not assigned at this

    a.) MECTA 2004 season review
    b.) Review MECTA Mission Statement
    c.) Review of ways to shorten duration of meets
    d.) Access to update MECTA web page for MECTA Scorer
    e.) Feedback and decision on possible indoor meet
    f.) Role and team placement of draftees, spouses, parents, children
        over 18, for 2005 season.
    g.) MECTA fund raiser to raise money for the league and the teams.
        Idea of a golf tournament is proposed.
    h.) Mid winter gathering
    i.) MECTA Rules and Regulations review subcommittee
    j.) Review of Semiconductor of Maine merger
    k.) Motion to eliminate rule that allows people to compete down in
        age group to avoid competition.
    l.) Open a discussion of a rule that states that you must compete for
        the company you work for if it has a team.
    m.) Possibility of winter "training clinics": high jump, long jump,
        throws, strengthening, etc.
    n.) MECTA Board Elections (October 2004 meeting)
    o.) Upgrade Hy Tek Meet Manager to suit MECTA;s unique needs
    p.) Propose all teams purchase and use Team Manager ($75) to manage
        their own teams and to function more efficiently with Meet Manager
    q.) 2005 season roster submission, reuse of numbers
    r.) MECTA scorer job description
    s.) Purchase of supplies for MECTA scorer (laser printer, toner,
        paper, labels ribbons, etc.)
    t.) Discuss/swap recruitment strategies to build teams at companies
        with new or existing teams
    u.) Discuss possibility of becoming more active in local organization
        (ie. schools).  How can we use our talents to benefit others (ie.
        officiating, fund raising) possibly in exchange for using
        track facilities in the future.
    v.) Plan schedule for 2005 season   (NLT February 2005 meeting)

10.) The distribution of ribbons to Team Captains for the 2004 season was

11.) The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:20 PM.

12.) The next MECTA Captains' Meeting will be held on Wednesday, August
     25th at 5:30 PM.  The location is to be determined


Submitted by Chris Supple,  Aug 04, 2004.