May 25, 2004

 The meeting was held at 5:30 PM at Antham Blue Cross/Blue Shiend
Tom Blake - UnumProvident
Chuck Record - Banknorth
Steve Roy - Idexx
Sam Rinaldi - President, WEX
April Laverriere - Secretary, CORE/Walch
Chris Supple - GH Bass
Cheryl Gilbert - BIW
Jim Dyer - Meet Director

Time Constraints Around Meets:

  - Vote = all in favor.

Memorial for Peter Cooley:

  - Idea to give $150 to memorial fund;
  - Motion: that we pursue making donations over the course of the season;
	we will tally up proceedings at August meeting and donate that amount
	(Steve & Chris will chair the effort).
  - Vote: all in favor.

Treasurerís Report:

  - MECTA Checking: $4,064.76
  - CD: $6,127.82

Vice President Elections:

  - Nominations: Chris Supple
  - Vote: all in favor.


Submitted by Chris Supple,  Aug 25, 2004.