January 14,2004

 The meeting was held at 5:30 PM at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

Tom Blake - UnumProvident, board member
Cheryl Gilbert/BIW - President
Bill Whelan - L.L. Bean, web site guru
Peter Serunian - Anthem, Board
April Laverriere - Walch Publishing, Secretary

2004 Season Locations:

   - locations are tight because of availability of tracks - travel is another issue;
   - we are going to try to get Fitzpatrck Stadium available for our June 26th Regional meet -
     to be run in the format of Nationals.

Nationals Update:

   - a contract has been signed with the Best Western Merry Manor in South Portland -
     30 rooms at $119/night;
   - a meeting with the EXPO staff was held after a grounds tour - all went very well;
   - the post-event party and dance will be held at the EXPO;
   - our sponsorship/team recruitment team needs a little help and extends their welcome;
   - $3,000 was received from Texas Instruments recently - Hoorah!!!
   - local teams are encouraged to get their team fees in;
   - still looking for a sponsor for the programs (BIW tentative), the post-event
     party, and the products fair (L.L. Bean tentative).
Fundraising Item:

   - ads for program;
   - a team(s) will solicit ads which will go into the program.  The team(s) who
     do/es this will get a percentage of the money they receive for the ad.
     The rest of it will go towards the Nationals;
   - UP has made a proposal to take this opportunity on with their fundraising committee;
   - a motion was made: UP to take this on with the exception that it's left
     open to other teams and that they keep us informed as to who they contact;
   - seconded and passed at 4-0-1.
Meet Management Scoring:

   - Pam Swan to take over scoring, number, and organization.

   - web site to be updated shortly with correct weights/implements;
   - Bill to update from MECTA site to USCAA site;
   - George Mendros to weigh implements accordingly;
   - USM to borrow implements.

See you in February!!!  

Submitted by April Laverriere,  January 14, 2003.