December 17, 2003

 The meeting was held at 5:30 PM at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

Tom Blake - UnumProvident, board member
Chuck Record - Banknorth, web site 'guru'
Chris Supple - Bass, MECTA/USCAA draftee 'guru'
Cheryl Gilbert/BIW - President
Sam Rinaldi/Wright Express - Vice President
Irene Fitzgerald/Old Port Pension - Treasurer
April Laverriere/CORE, INC. - Secretary

What turned into a very interesting meeting began with a great start.  
Despite the December chill and rain, we had a productive meeting and missed all of you who 
were unable to make it.

First and foremost, I want to wish everyone a holiday season filled with happiness, hope,
and love. I also wish you a wonderful start to what, for all of us, is going to be a very 
exciting 2004!!!  Lets make it the best MECTA year ever!!!  I have a feeling this one is going 
to go down in history - more so than 1994!
Draftees - C. Supple:

   Chris will be our main contact for the MECTA draftees as well as the draftees for Nationals;

   We want to have a single point of contact to maintain organization as well
   as a consistent process;

   Chris sent out an email this week, which details the process with which he
   will run (no pun intended);

   Each team will get to "select" a preferred runner and then the 'draft' will begin
   based on team size and attendance (for the draftee meeting);

   This process will be secured by our May draftee meeting as our next two MECTA
   meetings will focus on this subject;

   Since there are many differences between the MECTA and USCAA rules, captains are
   going to have to be prepared and ready to lose a runner to another team during
   Nationals that they might have had running with them all season (it would be in
   everyones best interest to attend upcoming meetings in order to prepare

   Chris will be keeping us informed and the process will be handled in a fair,
   concise, and accurate manner.

   Chris name will be posted on both the USCAA and MECTA web sites.
MECTA Contract w/Tom & April:

   Still a work-in-progress.
Future Agenda Items:

   Draftee process;


   2004 Nationals update.
See you in January!!!  

Submitted by April Laverriere,  December 17, 2003.