MECTA Meeting Minutes



April 16, 2003


The meeting was held at 5:30 PM at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.


Tom Blake - UnumProvident/Board Director
Peter Serunian - Anthem/Board Director
Cheryl Gilbert - BIW/President
Sam Rinaldi - Wright Express/Vice President
April Laverriere - CORE/Secretary
Irene Fitzgerald - Old Port Pension/Treasurer
Skip Cadigan - USM
Bill Whelan - L.L.Bean
Chuck Record - Peoples/Banknorth
Jim Dyer - Meet Director
Peter Dube - Fairchild Semiconductor
Sean Keough - CORE

Order of Events:

-         Sub-committee met to discuss events and problems that we run into with the current routine;

-         2 out of the 5 meets will remain the same – as far as relays are concerned;

-         Scorers and officials will have to understand the scoring/arrangement of the new relay events – come up with new names?

-         Concern that there won’t be enough ages to field the new relays;

-         Concern that smaller teams won’t be able to field the new relays;

-         Length of meets because of new relays;

-         Concern about how to line people up in the team 800;

-         Concern that sprints and field events will run into one another;

-         Try switching things around during the first meet to see if it’s worth switching all meets in the future – motion made, seconded, discussed: all in favor with the exception of one;

-         Peter S. will re-evaluate field events and come back with a proposal.


Regional Meet Flyer:

-         5K course at South Portland?

-         Place a “tentative” beside the 5K on the flyer;

-         Cookout?

-         Potluck idea so that MECTA isn’t responsible for expenses, etc.;

-         Scratch the cookout? 6 for canceling cookout, 1 opposed, 1 abstain;

-         Charges for out-of-state athletes?

-         Motion to not allow out-of-state individuals at Regionals – 3 in favor, 3 opposed;

-         Motion to allow out-of-state individuals to compete at Regionals with perimeters – amended to be part of USATF, $20 fee, individuals scored as individuals, 2-week sign-up prior to meet – 5 in favor, 3 opposed.


Certificate of Deposit Renewal:

-         1.43% interest rate in CD;

-         8-month CD;

-         motion to roll it over to another 8-months, seconded – all in favor.


Dues & Rosters:

-         turn in dues and rosters prior to first meet;

-         no dues/rosters, no run;

-         rosters by Friday, May 16th;

-         rosters by Friday before each meet for new athletes;

-         Falmouth 5/28; Brunswick 6/11; South Portland 6/28; Falmouth 7/9; South Portland 7/26.


- defer the draftees until May meeting.

- USCAA accepted MECTA bid for 2004 Nationals; will let us run the show; 2-3 members to serve on NIT; keep our own books but provide USCAA with data; USCAA/MECTA to share profit/loss; 7 in favor, none opposed.


- Maine Marathon – to be reviewed at a future meeting in more detail.


Submitted by April Laverriere,  April 22, 2003.