MECTA Meeting Minutes



March 19, 2003


The meeting was held at 5:30 PM at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.


Cheryl Gilbert/BIW - President
Sam Rinaldi/Wright Express - Vice President
Irene Fitzgerald/Old Port Pension - Treasurer
April Laverriere/CORE, INC. - Secretary
Peter Serunian/Anthem - Board
Sean Keough/CORE, INC.
Skip Cadigan/USM
Peter Dube/Fairchild Semiconductor
Jim Dyer/MECTA Meet Director
Bill Whelan/L.L.Bean

Voter Eligibility:
* In the past, we've had the question about whether unpaid MECTA
members (particularly new teams) are eligible to vote during any type of
* Based on Section III and Section IX of the MECTA Bi-laws, the above
is identified;
* A discussion about making the Bi-laws more specific to reflect the
following was discussed:
- that no new team captains can vote until they are paid;
- that existing team captains may vote as long as they paid the prior
season and pay at the beginning of each new season;
- that board members (who do not have teams) do not have to pay
membership fees but are still eligible to vote.

Rules in relation to track meets:
* Team members must wear their team jerseys at all times or they will
be disqualified. This includes field events;
* Numbers must be worn at all times, including field events;
* People who run in too many events became a big discussion. The
following was motioned, seconded, and voted unanimously on:
- Any team member who runs in an excess of five events will have their
highest points, scored during that meet, extracted (ex. if I ran in seven
events and scored 10, 8, 8, 6, 8, 6, 6, then 18 points would be extracted
since I ran in two extra events).
* Field events can only be closed after three calls have been made
during a 15-minute duration (ex. first call with 15 min. remaining, second
call with 10 min. remaining, and last call with 5 min. remaining);
* Any athlete who thinks that his/her points were calculated
incorrectly should bring this to the attention of their captain who will
then approach Peter;
* The discussion of non-scoring relays was tabled for further
* Meet evaluation sheets should be sent to Jim Dyer within 48 hours
after the completion of the meet (I will be formatting and sending out).

Agenda items to be carried into the 4/16 meeting at Anthem:
* Event changes/discussions (see attachment below & bring to next
* Draftees
* Non-scoring relay teams

Treasurer's Report:
Checking account $2806.36
CD 6053.14
Total $8859.50

Note: we are still waiting to hear from the USCAA in regards to their
acceptance/rejection of our 2004 Nationals Proposal. Their concerns come
from not involving the NIT and the fear that people won't travel to Maine.
Tom and I will keep you updated as soon as we hear.

Have a great month! See you in April!

Submitted by April Laverriere,  March 20, 2003.