MECTA Meeting Minutes



February 19, 2003


The meeting was held at 5:30 PM at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.



Tom Blake - UnumProvident/Board Director
Peter Serunian/Mike Dumais - Anthem/Board Director
Cheryl Gilbert - BIW/President
Sam Rinaldi - Wright Express/Vice President
April Laverriere - CORE/Secretary
Irene Fitzgerald - Old Port Pension/Treasurer
Dan Lavallee - Cheverus
Jenny Nelson - USM
Bill Whelan - L.L.Bean
Chuck Record - Peoples/Banknorth
Jim Dyer - Reinstated Meet Director

Meet Director Issue:

- select members from the board met with Jim Dyer (Cheryl Gilbert, Bill Whelan, Mike Dumas, April Laverriere, Dan Lavallee);

- rather than "interviewing" Jim, we decided to go over the talkpoints and parking lot issues which were discussed/documented at a 10/22/02 meeting;

- both the board and Jim worked nicely together in an effort to improve the topics below:

- communication;

- overall support;

- revamp Meet Director job description;

- formal payment arrangement;

- signed contract with clarity/description;

- one thing that Jim has asked of us, as captains, is to make sure that, at the conclusion of every meet (or within 48 hours of conclusion), we fill out the "Meet Feedback Form" and send it to him at <<> . This will help him to do his job accordingly (I will be sending out an electronic copy of the form prior to every meet);

- Jim has also asked that all complaints/requests/suggestions regarding the meets be directed towards Cheryl Gilbert who will then work with Jim;

- After this initial discussion was held with Jim, the regularly scheduled MECTA Meeting began and the board informed the captains (after Jim exited
the room) of the meeting and how it went; - From there, a motion was made to keep Jim Dyer as our official Meet Director, that motion was seconded, and a discussion was held. A vote ensued: 2 abstained and 8 were in favor; - Jim accepted the position once he re-entered the room and it was presented to him; - Congratulations to Jim Dyer!!!

2004 Nationals in Maine

- a proposal was brought to MECTA from Tom Blake and April Laverriere;

- their suggestion was that they would be the Co-Event Coordinators pending compensation; - as Co-Event Coordinators, they will handle
the following: - logistics;

- organization of:

- all meet events

- travel/lodging

- sponsorship

- finances

- post-event party

- status reports to MECTA

- coordination of sub-committees, etc.

- a lengthy discussion was held regarding the compensation that Tom and April had proposed;

- certain members felt that they, too, would like to be compensated for helping out;

- a motion was made to reject the proposal upon further clarification and it was seconded, a discussion was held, and a vote followed: 4 were in favor of the rejection and the rest abstained;

- Tom and April will be coming forward with a second proposal which will be discussed at a separate meeting on March 5th at 5:30pm at Anthem. All those who would like to have a say are encouraged to attend.

Leftover Agenda Items to be brought to March 19th MECTA Captains' Meeting:

- Voter eligibility;

- Event changes;

- Rules in relation to track meets; - Clarification around payment for volunteers/officials.

Treasurer's Report:

- Checking Account = $2,806.36

- CD = $6,044.20

- Total = $8,850.56

Again, thank you to all of those who participated in last evening's meeting. Looking forward to future meetings.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at 5:30 PM, at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Submitted by April Laverriere,  February 20, 2003.