MECTA Meeting Minutes



January 15, 2003


The meeting was held at 5:30 PM at Anthem BCBS.

 In Attendance:
-Cheryl Gilbert, President, BIW
-April Laverriere, Secretary, CORE, INC.
-Sam Rinaldi, VP, Wright Express
-Tom Blake, Board, UnumProvident
-Irene Fitzgerald, Treasurer
-Peter Serunian, Board, Anthem
-Dan Lavallee, Cheverus
-Skip Cadigan, USM
-Bill Whelan, L.L.Bean
-Chuck Record, Banknorth/Peoples

Meet Director Issue:
* We have all agreed that we are going to move forward on interviewing
* Currently, we have three interested candidates;
* Tom will be speaking with these three candidates this weekend to set
up their individual interview times;
* The interviews will take place in advance of our February 19th MECTA
meeting (beginning at 4:30pm in 15 min. increments);
* An interview committee has been formed and will be conversing to
come up with an interview questionnaire. Those members are as follows:
Cheryl, Bill, Dan, and April (Peter has volunteered to fill in when/if
* All of you who are encouraged to forward any interested candidates
to the above highlighted committee members.

Family Members Participation in MECTA Meets (children & siblings):
* Since children over the age of 18 were allowed to participate last
year, the discussion/re-evaluation came up again this year;
* During discussion, parents, siblings, and other family members were
brought up as possible participants;
* A motion was made to "discontinue allowing children over the age of
18 to participate;"
* The motion was seconded and a discussion ensued;
* A vote was then placed; 4 were in favor, 4 were not in favor;
* Since a tie occurred, a suggestion was made that we should keep the
current MECTA standing as is meaning that children over the age of 18 will
be allowed to participate. This was agreed to with the stipulation that we
will re-evaluate again next year after we have seen the turnout at the 2003
track season.

Meet Dates/Locations:
* Meet dates are as follows (5 meets total):
- 5/28 (regular), 6/11 (regular), 6/28 (Regionals), 7/9 (regular),
7/19-7/20 (Nationals, San Ramon, CA), 7/26 (States).
* A motion was made to keep the dates as suggested and was seconded;
* A unanimous vote was made;
* Locations were then discussed as follows: 2 at South Portland, 2 at
Falmouth, and 1 at Brunswick. Since the locations cannot be determined
until later on because of high school events and fees, this was tabled to be
concluded at an upcoming meeting;
* The order of track events was then discussed since many athletes
have been rushed from event to event with no rest;
* There was a motion to keep the order of events as is and it was
* A vote was made to "table" that topic to an upcoming meeting as a
subcommittee has been formed to come up with an "event proposal." The
members of that committee are as follows: Tom, Skip, Bill, Sean, and April.

2004 Nationals:
* The opportunity to host the 2004 Nationals in Maine has come up and
was discussed;
* Sam raised the question of being "able" to handle such an event;
* A lengthy discussion ensued and the following was
proposed/suggested: that Tom and April be the Co-Event Coordinators of the
2004 Nationals. This means that they will handle the facilitation of all
events, committees, officials, teams, and everything involved with
* A motion to hold the 2004 Nationals in Maine was made and seconded;
* A unanimous vote ensued;
* Cheryl will be writing a letter of intent to the USCAA discussing
our proposal;
* Tom/April will be coming up with a proposal package which will be
presented at the next MECTA meeting on February 19th.

Treasury Statement:
* Checking Account: $2611.36
* Jenny's Event: $195.00
* Adjusted Balance: $2806.36
* An estimated $6000.00 is in a CD which Irene will be
checking/reporting back on.

Future Agenda Item:
* Eligibility for members to vote on MECTA issues.

Submitted by April Laverriere,  January 16, 2003.