MECTA Meeting Minutes


 November 15, 2000 – Minutes


* The meeting was held at 5:30 p.m. at Anthem BCBS

* Attendees were: Cheryl Gilbert (BIW), Jenny Nelson (USM), Irene
Fitzgerald (Old Port Pension Administrators),
Chris Supple (G.H. Bass), Peter Serunian (Anthem BCBS), Tom Blake (UNUM
Provident), and Joe Hermans (MMC).

* Tax Exempt Status - 501C: The application has been started by Cheryl
Gilbert. A large amount of financial information is needed to complete the
forms. Cheryl will be working with Irene Fitzgerald via phone and email to
get these questions answered. The group email list will also be used to
gather information from all league members. An employee identification
number is required. Irene will see if it is available on the checking
account. An address is also required but we are not sure if the P.O. box
will be acceptable. This is being checked on. The application should be
submitted by the end of December or early January.

* By Laws and MECTA Rules Revisions: The current versions being sent to
teams were updated in 1997 and 1998. Cheryl believes this to be the last
time they were updated. It is possible that both documents may have some
changes on the web page that are not represented in the printed packets.
The differences are being reviewed. All teams are encouraged to review
both documents and submit any recommendations via email or at the next
MECTA meeting. The MECTA rules should reflect the rules of the USCAA. If
there is a discrepancy, the USCAA rules would take precedence. Revisions
to the By-Laws may stem from the completion of the 501C status. Therefore
these revisions may not take place until after the 501C process is

* Meet Director: In the search for a meet director, there have been two
candidates that have expressed interest. Application materials are being
sent to both candidates and meetings to interview the candidates are being
arranged. A motion was made and a vote was held to determine the base pay
and bonus pay amounts, and pay dates for the meet director position. The
results are as follows; the base pay will be $599.00. $299.50 will be paid
on or by May 1, 2001. The second half of $299.50 will be paid on or by
August 1, 2001. The bonus payment of $300.00 will be paid on or by October
1, 2001, if all requirements for the meet director responsibilities were
met throughout the season.

* Out of State Athletes: Since the UNUM Provident merger there has been a
request made to allow out-of-state athletes that work for the company to
compete in MECTA meets. In this case, UNUM Provident has a large office in
Worcester, Massachusetts that consists of a number of athletes interested
in competing. In the past, these athletes have been allowed to compete but
did not score at the meets. This did not seem right considering they were
employees of the company and our By-Laws allow for athletes to compete and
score that are not technically company employees. Therefore it was
requested that we consider allowing out-of-state athletes compete and score
at MECTA meets during the 2001 season. It was discussed that if a division
2 or 3 team brought in athletes from their company from out-of-state, that
they would move up a divisions or two, if the increased number of employees
being considered required the change. A team in this situation does have
the opportunity to decide whether or not they are going to bring in these
athletes, and if not, they may retain their current division status. It
was also mentioned that some type of program such as this may encourage
leagues to be formed in our neighboring states. The current By-Laws state
no reason why employees from another state should not be able to compete
and score for their company team. After some discussion it was agreed by
all members present that a company encompasses all members or employees
regardless of their primary location. Therefore, out-of-state athletes
that work for a given MECTA team will be able to compete and score during
the 2001 season.

* USCAA and the 2001 Regional meet: Tom Blake described to the members
present that the USCAA has been an organization in decline over the past
15 years. MECTA has been a model program for the USCAA based on its
structure and organization, and is used as an example to try to create new
leagues throughout the country. Texas Instruments in Massachusetts is
attempting to gather up some teams within that state to hold a few meets.
The idea of holding the Regional meet in Massachusetts may encourage these
companies to put teams together which could lead to a strong league being
formed in that state and elsewhere. It may also make for a much better
Regional meet than we have experienced the last few years. It has also
been discovered that Thornton Academy will not be available for that meet
in 2001. Changing the date of the Regional meet was also considered.
Father's Day weekend is the current date scheduled. At this point, there
has been no change made, but it will be considered again at the January

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

Submitted by Chris Supple, November 16, 2000