MECTA Meeting Minutes


 October 18, 2000 – Minutes


* The meeting was held at 5:30 PM at Anthem BCBS.

* Attendees were; Cheryl Gilbert (BIW), Irene Fitzgerald (Old Port Pension Administrators), Chris Supple (G.H. Bass), Jenny Nelson (USM), Tom Blake (Unum Provident), Joe Hermans (MMC), Bill Whelan (L.L. Bean), and Mike Dumais (Anthem BCBS).

* There is no formal treasurer's report this month. The fee for the use of
the track in Bath this past season has been paid.

* The flier and draft application for the position for Meet Director were
distributed at the meeting for review. The application was approved with
some minor revisions. The flier has already been distributed to a few
groups, including the Maine Track Club and the athletic directors of area
high schools. Please submit ideas to the league if there are any other
individuals or groups that may have an interest in this position. So far,
there have been no candidates that have come forward. Any other recruiting
ideas for this position would be appreciated. Candidates should contact
Jenny Nelson by November 15, 2000.

* The ribbons from the 2000 State Championship Meet were distributed to the
team captains along with the labels to attach to the ribbons.

* Discussion was held on how to attract more team representation at the
monthly MECTA meetings. Ideas ranging from incentives to penalties were
discussed. No official motion was made but MECTA strongly encourages each
team to have representation at the monthly meetings. If a team captain is
unable to make a meeting MECTA encourages them to send a representative
from their team. Good attendance at these meetings is beneficial to each
team and to the league, particularly when a quorum is needed to vote on
major issues. MECTA wants to insure that it has the best interests of all
teams represented. MECTA will continue to use the web page and email
letters to sustain communication about issues and upcoming meeting agenda

* Team Recruitment: Tom Blake has been actively recruiting new teams since
the 2000 season ended. Currently, Idexx, Baker Newman and Noyes, and
Androscoggin Bank are all prospects to have reams in the league for next
season. A vote was held to allow Idexx to return to the league but pay the
rate for a new team. Idexx has not had a team in a number of years. The
idea was approved and Tom Blake will inform them of this decision. This
brought about the idea of establishing a standard to determine when a team
can be re-established in the league as a new team and pay the corresponding
fee. The league voted on establishing the mark at 3 years. If a team
wishes to re-join the league after having been absent from the league for 3
or more years, it will pay the membership fee for a brand new team. The
motion was voted and approved by the league.

* Recruitment Compensation: There was discussion held to deterimine
whether there should be monetary compensation for a MECTA member who
actively brings a new team into the league. It is not known whether this
has been done in the past. Recruiting a team and assisting a new team at
getting established in MECTA can involve a substantial amount of time and
energy. The drawback to compensating a person for recruiting a team is
that it can end up in conflict among league members as to who actually
recruited a new team. It was decided that for now MECTA would try to
spread out the responsibilities of contacting and recruiting new teams in
an attempt to eliminate an individual from being overwhelmed with the
responsibility. No monetary compensation would be awarded for this

* Nominations and elections were held for MECTA officers. The results are
as follows:

President Cheryl Gilbert BIW
Vice President Jenny Nelson USM
Secretary Chris Supple GHBass
Treasurer Irene Fitzgerald Old Port Pension
Board Members Tom Blake UNUM Provident
Peter Serunian Anthem BCBS

The term for these positions is 2 years. Congratulations to all officers!

*Agenda items for future MECTA monthly meetings were discussed and
prioritized. The following is a list of the next 3 meetings and the main
topics on the agenda.

November 2000: Tax exempt status for MECTA
By Laws and MECTA Rules revisions
Meet Director Position
Out of state athletes competing at meets

December 2000: No meeting.

January 2001: Standardize process for recruiting new teams.
Meet management
Meet scheduling
Meet facilities

February 2001: Examine depth of awards (ribbons/trophies)
Examine process for Tim Smith and Coaches awards.
Children's races.

If there are any suggestions for other topics please contact MECTA.

* The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM.

Submitted by Chris Supple,  October 19, 2000