MECTA Meeting Minutes


 July 19, 2000 – Minutes


In attendance: Cheryl Gilbert (BIW), Peter Serunian, Tom Blake, Bill Whelan, Jennifer Drew, Jennifer Nelson, Chris Supple, Dick McPhail


There was discussion regarding the children’s races at the State Meet. It was suggested that we run them in age divisions and award prizes to the top finishers in each division. This will make it a little more meaningful to the competitors. There were suggestions to place 1st through 3rd and award participant ribbons to all others, and to have timers with ribbons in hand. It was decided to award 1st place with a medal and a time, and award a participant ribbon to all other competitors. The clerk of the course will keep track of heats and ages and will set up six person heats.

Meet results and final scores have undergone a great deal of correction after the meets. It was agreed to publish all changes to all team captains via email. A lack of having consistent experienced officials is a major part of the problem. There will be more discussion in future meeting on ways to recruit more quality officials. The idea of using flights in the field events was briefly discussed and will also be discussed further.

The rule for submitting updated rosters prior to a meet was confirmed. Roster additions should be submitted no later than the Friday of the week prior to the next meet. This was agreed upon by all team captains.

The South Portland High School facility is all set for the State Meet. There will be bathrooms and water available. The discus toe board may not be available. At this point it seems as though South Portland will not charge us for the use of the facility.

Athletes must report to an event on time. The officials will run heats by age division. If a competitor misses their heat, they miss the race.

Tim Smith and Coaches Awards: Nominations and voting will take place during a break in the State Meet. Nominations will be open, voting will be by secret ballot.

Should the hurdles be added to the State Meet? Although many athletes would like to see the hurdles at the State Meet, the team captains agree that it should not be added this year. The league should consider having the hurdles at more meets next year.

Ribbons from past meets were distributed to the teams at the end of the meeting.