MECTA Meeting Minutes


June 21, 2000 – Minutes

In attendance: Cheryl Gilbert (BIW), Irene Fitzgerald (Treasurer), Peter Serunian (Anthem), Tom Blake (Meet Director), Bill Whelan (LL Bean), Joe Hermans (Maine Medical Center), Jennifer Drew (Acadia), Jenny Nelson (USM), Chris Supple (G.H. Bass)


  1. Discussion on location of the State Championship. It is currently scheduled for Westbrook High School, but due to the chance of there being some unresolved issues regarding access to the facilities, it was suggested that we look at the possibility of holding the meet at South Portland High School. Tom Blake did not see a need to change the location. He is quite sure that the issues will be resolved and also mentioned that Westbrook has historically been very helpful. It was decided that as long as all issues at Westbrook were resolved and confirmed in writing by June 28, the meet location would not change.
  2. The rule regarding team jerseys was reviewed. Team Captain’s are asked to make sure their team members are in compliance with this rule.
  3. Relay rules were reviewed. It is a requirement to have 4 athletes compete in a relay. If a team runs with less than 4, it will not score. That team could only run the number of legs of the relay that corresponds to the number of athletes. For example, if a team puts 3 people in a relay, they could only run 3 legs of that relay, and therefore would not finish, and would be disqualified. A relay must consist of 4 athletes.
  4. Team Captains are encouraged to review the league rules and suggest any changes.
  5. The condition of the facilities was discussed, in particularly the log jump pit. The availability of rakes and shovels to properly prepare the pit has been an issue. The possibility of making a paid position to prepare the pit and perform other like functions was brought up and may be considered in the future. In the case of an injury, especially those possibly caused by the condition of the facility, a Post Event Report should only be used in severe cases.
  6. Meet feedback forms are being sent in at a rate of about 60%. Please be sure to send in the forms as soon as possible after each meet.
  7. South Portland Rec Dept. is interested in forming a team. They are willing to pay and register for the next meet. This is acceptable to the league as long as all team members qualify as an employee according to the By-Laws.
  8. The signing of the Meet Director contract will be revisited soon. Tom Blake is very flexible on the timing.
  9. State Meet team trophies: At past State Meets trophies have been awarded to the top 2 teams per division. It was decided that this year, they would be awarded to the first 3 places in Divisions I and II, and 1st place in Division III. The budget for trophies and ribbons is $300.00. Ribbons will be ordered with the trophies. There will be ribbons for the children’s events at the State Meet.
  10. At the meet at Thornton Academy, the BIW Thrower’s Relay supposedly ran a time of 45 seconds. This time blows the record away and is very possibly a misprint in the results. It is suspected that a time of 55 seconds is more accurate. The BIW Captain agrees, and the time is officially changed.
  11. Treasurer’s Report: As we head into the South Portland meet, there is $4700 income for the year. The league is expecting 2 more payments of $485.00 and 1 more payment of $620.00. Aetna still owes $50.00 or 2 volunteers. Desknet and Concilium owe $100.00. Pierce Atwood still needs to pay for volunteer fees or they cannot compete at the remainder of the meets. Foreside Company overpaid by $50.00.
  12. Feedback discussion of officials and meets: Generally the meets have run very well. There have been some minor issues in scoring but it has mostly gone very well. As long as all athletes are wearing their numbers, there should be minimal scoring issues. In the sprints, it was agreed that the clerk should inform the athletes to stay in their lanes at the end of the race until notified by a timer. Tom Blake will deliver these instructions to the officials.
  13. There was extensive discussion about relays and informing the athletes about the passing zones. Three options were suggested. 1) Have the zone judges let the athletes know the locations of the zones. 2) Have the clerk inform the athletes before the relay. 3) Have team captains meet before the meet and be briefed on the layout of the track. In turn, the captains would be responsible for educating their athletes.

    Tom informed the league that some officials have shown up late. Officials and athletes need to be at the meet in plenty of time to be prepared for the start.

    Some improvement in the officiating of the shot put and discus has been suggested. Apparently, some instances of an athlete’s foot out of the circle during a throw, have not been called. Tom Blake said he wold take this up with those judges.

    The fee for a youth official at Regionals and States will remain at $10.00. That will allow for 2 slots to be available.

  14. Suggestions for what to use for the Tim Smith and the Coaches awards can be sent to Irene Fitzgerald.
  15. Hurdle heights: For the meet at Bath on June 28, the women’s hurdles will be set at 30 inches and the men’s will be set at 33 inches.
  16. Unum Worcester athletes: At the Regionals there were a few athletes that ran for Unum from their Worcester offices. They truly enjoyed the meet and would like to compete in future meets. After some discussion it was decided to allow them to compete, but they would not score. This would be acceptable to the league for the remainder of the season.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.

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Chris Supple