MECTA Meeting Minutes


May 17, 2000 – Minutes

Present: Cheryl Gilbert (BIW), Jen Drew (Acadia), Jenny Nelson (USM), Tom Blake (Meet Director), Joe Hermans (MMC), Peter Serunian (BCBS), Bill Whelan (LL Bean), Dick McPhail (UNUM), Irene Fitzgerald (Treasurer), Chris Supple (G.H. Bass)

  1. Peter Serunian announced that as of this meeting there are a total of 13 teams registered. The assignment of numbers is not complete, but is making good progress, and should be all set for the first meet. At this time the league has not received payment from Forum Financial and Aetna. Irene Fitzgerald will follow up with these teams.
  2. There was discussion regarding combined teams. It was concluded from the By Laws that the total, count of a combined team, would determine the division in which that team competes.
  3. It was determined that the minimum age of an athlete is 18 years. Team Captains should insure that there are no athletes under 18 planning to compete.
  4. Rule Books: 2000 additions may be ready for pickup. Irene Fitzgerald will check with Post Office.
  5. P.O. Box: It seems as though some ID number is needed to obtain a P.O. Box. Irene Fitzgerald is looking into this.
  6. Meet Locations: Paperwork required by Thornton Academy has been faxed. Irene Fitzgerald is working with Thornton Academy to insure they receive all the correct information that they require. McMann Field in Bath has been confirmed for June 7, 2000 and June 28, 2000.
  7. Certified 5K Run: There was discussion about whether or not to pay to get the 5K runs certified. It was decided among those present that we would not officially certify the courses, but they would be advertised as non-certified 5K Runs. There will be a 5K race at the State Meet rather than a 2 mile race. Tom Blake is looking for some volunteers to help map out the courses for 5K races
  8. Insurance Coverage: United States Track and Field has insurance coverage available for athletes. Irene Fitzgerald can obtain forms if anyone is interested. This will be left up to each team Captain to notify their team members. There was discussion of the possibility of creating a liability waiver form for MECTA, similar to those signed by athletes who compete in road races.
  9. Late Team Registration: No one will be allowed to compete on May 24th if they were no registered by May 10th. They will be able to compete at the follow on meets. Please submit any additions to Peter Serunian by the Friday prior to the next Wednesday meet. For the New England Regionals, out of state teams should submit their team rosters by June 2, 2000.
  10. Tom Blake plans to start the meets promptly and on time. Team Captains need to inform their team members of the correct times.
  11. Tom Blake is looking for input as to how much information should be put out by the announcer. Announcing the top 3 finishers in each event, or just the winners of each event, were considered. No final decision was made.
  12. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 21, 2000 at 5:30 PM, at Blue Cross Blue Shield. There will be no meeting prior to the New England Regionals unless it is deemed necessary.
  13. The meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.


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Chris Supple