MECTA Meeting Minutes


April 19, 2000 – Minutes

Present: Cheryl Gilbert (BIW), Jen Fadiman (WEX), Jen Drew (Acadia), Jenny Nelson (USM), Tom Blake (Meet Director), Paul Soule (A-Best), Joe Hermans (MMC)

1) Team Rosters: Are due by or on May 10th, no exceptions. New team members can join for second meet onward. Team fees have to be paid by the same time, and may be mailed to Irene Fitzgerald (see MECTA website for address).

2) Paid Officials: Irene sent e-mail re: current pay rates for meet officials. Officials and pay rates will remain unchanged. Tom will present minimum number of total officials needed at next meeting.

3) Regional Meet: Tom has flyer made, it was reviewed and Tom will complete revisions, sending to potential teams. Entry fee for non-MECTA teams raised to $125, with a motion made by Jen D. with 2nd by Jenny N.

4) USTF Rule Books: 2000 editions have not arrived yet, Irene will follow up. Joe will pick up 1999 books from Irene, with MECTA rules and by-law revisions tabled until after the 2000 season.

5) P.O> Box: Irene determined that the annual cost would be $44 for a box at the Forest Ave Portland location. A motion (Joe H, 2nd Jenny N.) was made for a P.O. Box to be obtained, with Cheryl planning to communicate to Irene to please request one for MECTA.

6) Records: Peter has updated records.

7) Meet Locations: Tom has received tentative approval for meet sites. Cheryl agreed to call Irene re: submission of insurance and sanctioning forms for the following dates and locations: 5/24 Bath, 6/7 Westbrook, 6/17 (regionals) Thornton Academy, 6/28 Bath, 7/12 So. Portland, 7/22 Westbrook.

8) Treasurer's Report: Irene distributed via e-mail.  UNUM acct: $8662.14; MECTA checking: $2825.29; receivables of $220, not yet reconciled. Thompson Bowie paid for 1999 season, BC/BS and USM have paid for 2000 season. Captain's voted for report to be accepted as read.

9) Vice-President: Jen F. announced resignation as VP.  Jenny N. was nominated (Jen F, 2nd by Joe H.) and agreed to take over as VP. Will ask Peter re:  availability of BC/BS as monthly meeting site, with possibility also of using Acadia.

10) Ribbons: Jen D. agreed to take responsibility for putting printed sheets with number of corresponding ribbons for captains to pick up at next meet or monthly meetings. Tom donated a box full of miscellaneous ribbons for use into the foreseeable future.

11) Public Service Announcements: Jenny N. has sent PSA's to various papers and TV stations, re: MECTA.

12) Feedback Forms: Joe handed out finalized form, will bring multiple copies to next meeting and have on hand at meets.

13) Field Event Guidelines: Tom presented a draft of Shot Put event guidelines, to be on back of meet official's clipboards. Revisions and comments were fielded, with Tom to change sheet as needed. Tom hopes to draft forms for other events, with plans to distribute to officials prior to meets, and will contact Peter re: posting on MECTA website.

14) Meet Storage: Captain's authorized Tom to spend $28 to purchase two more portable, waterproof storage boxes for meet supplies and forms. Tom to submit
receipt for reimbursement for one box already purchased, for $14.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM.
Next meeting tentatively scheduled for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Weds., May 17th @ 5:30.