MECTA Meeting Minutes


March 15, 2000 – Minutes



Nonie Kimball (LLB), Jamie Blais (LLB), Bill Whelan (LLB), Jenny Nelson (USM), Tom Blake (UNUM),

Jennifer Drew (Acadia), Joe Hermans (MMC), Cheryl Gilbert (BIW), and Jennifer Brock (WEX)


Items discussed

Tax Exempt Status – Alan Muir has committed to completing the appropriate forms. Bill Whelan contacted him the week of 3/13 and has not heard back. Joe has researched and found that MECTA should state in its bylaws exactly what will happen to any remaining funds upon dissolution of MECTA.

Team Recruitment– Jenny Nelson presented flyer which will be sent to all teams not current members. She is also looking to create a public service announcement to be distributed to all forms of media. Both the State of Maine and the Foreside Company look to be new teams for the 2000 season.

Meet Locations – Nothing has been confirmed at this time. By Friday, March 24th Tom Blake should have the 1st meet finalized. MECTA will not be considering Cheverus due to lack of facilities.

Order of Field Events – After much discussion, it was determined that a set start order needed to be created for the field events. Going forward, Women’s discus, Men’s shot put and Men’s Long jump will all be held first. The Men’s discus, Women’s shot put and Women’s Long jump will begin when the majority of the other gender has completed their competition. This recognizes that some participants are competing in multiple events and may not necessarily be able to complete their field events at the same time as the rest of their gender. Jenn made the motion to accept and Bill seconded, the vote was unanimous.

Job Descriptions – Not completed yet, follow-up at next meeting.

Internet – The MECTA site has been added as a link to the USCAA site

MECTA Web Site – Jenny Nelson to contact Peter Serunian re: update of "1999" on sign-up form.

Feedback Form – Joe Hermans presented a feedback form for use after each meet.

PO Box – Cheryl Gilbert will follow-up with Irene to confirm status.

Track and Field Rule Books – Cheryl Gilbert will follow-up with Irene to confirm status.

Bylaws/Rules – Joe Hermans will attempt to obtain the Track and Field Rule Book from Irene. He and Tom Blake will attempt to review the bylaws prior to the next meeting.

Meet Director’s Contract – Update at next meeting.

Ribbons – Jenn Fadiman to distribute after each meet. All to bring any extra ribbons to April meeting for counting prior to placing an order for new ribbons.


Next Meeting

When - Wednesday, April 19th at 5:30pm.

Location - Wright Express at 97 Darling Avenue in South Portland.


Submitted by

Jennifer Fadiman