MECTA Meeting Minutes


February 16, 2000 – Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 5:30PM at Blue Cross Blue Shield, 2 Gannett Drive, South Portland.

In attendance were: Cheryl Gilbert (BIW), Jenny Nelson (U.S.M.), Jennifer Drew (Acadia Insurance), Peter Serunian (Blue Cross), Joe Hermans (Maine Medical Center), Tom Blake (Unum)

Old Business

1. Ribbons: 

  • Irene sent an email to Scott.  No response to date.  Cheryl agreed to follow-up.

2. New Rule Books:

  • Irene has placed an order for the 2000 Competition rules from USA Track & Field.   There was some question as to how the books were being funded (by MECTA or by individual team).  

3. Feedback form:

  • Joe presented a draft of the new feedback form.  The form was well received and Joe will bring a revised version to the next meeting.  Suggestions were made to add a few other feedback criteria to the form such as a category for "Facility: track, restrooms, etc."
  • The forms should be completed and channeled through team captains to the meet director preferably at the meet, otherwise within 48 hours of meet.

4. Bylaws and Rules Revisions. 

  • Joe Hermans was the only captain able to offer feedback.  After a brief review by all captains in which several inaccuracies were uncovered, it was decided that it would be more efficient to have the document reviewed outside the meeting.  The group decided to request assistance from Alan Muir and Dan McKeown, both absent from tonight's meeting.   Alan and Dan are requested to review the documents and provide feedback at the March meeting.  It was also mentioned that the new rule books would be a valuable source of information during this process and we hope to have them available soon.

5. Membership dues.

  • Peter reported on Jen Fadiman's findings.  Basically, Jen felt it would be difficult to equitably restructure the dues and meet fees based on Division.  No changes to the current fee structure were recommended.  The hope is that bringing in additional teams will give us a sound financial boost.

6. Meet Schedule.

  • Peter distributed copies of the meet-schedule/schedule-of-events for the 2000 season.   There was no further discussion as the dates had been set previously and it was agreed that last year's schedule of events be adopted again this season.

7. Tax Exempt Status - 501( c)(3).

  • Bill Whelan stated by email and telephone that he had contacted Alan at Pierce Atwood.   He stated that Alan would gather the required information and help complete the form.  We hope that Allan or Bill will have this completed for the next meeting.

8. Meet Official Job Descriptions:

  • There was a brief review of the new document.  Due to time constraints Tom offered to finish reviewing the document and follow-up with Peter regarding any revisions. 

9. Meet Director Contract and Job Description:

  • A review of the new Meet Director Contract and Meet Director Job Description was completed.  Several revisions were noted and the documents will be revised to reflect the changes discussed by the group.  The payment schedule was adjusted up a month, to begin at the May meeting.  Other revisions were also made to the job description.   Peter will revise the documents and bring to next month's meeting.

10. P.O. Box

  • As a follow-up to discussion at last month's meeting, it was agreed that Irene should proceed with securing a P.O. Box exclusively for use by MECTA. 


New Business:

1. Treasurer's Report.

  • The treasurer's report was submitted by email by Irene:

Maine Corporate Track Association

Checking account     1580.29    01/31/2000
addl deposits              25.00          BIW volunteer
extra cash out              220.00      volunteers: not used
T&B MECTA fee due 100.00

Checking Account 1925.29

Unum                          8662.14 09/30/1999

Total all accounts     10587.43

Note: No Unum statement received since 9/30/99

2. Meet Locations.

  • Tom will begin placing inquiries to the various meet facilities.  Tom will record his findings on the new Meet Schedule/Location Form and share his findings at the next captain's meeting.  Inquiries will be placed at Cheverus and Thornton Academy in addition to the other facilities noted on the form.  It was mentioned that T.A. could still be kept as a consideration, as long as timeliness is maintained when submitting the required docs.

3. Meet Director for the 2000 Season.

  • A motion was made by Joe Hermans, seconded by Jenny Nelson, to offer the position of meet director to Tom Blake for the 2000 season.  The vote was 4 in favor (1 absent), 1 opposed, and 1 abstained.  Tom accepted the position and will be presented with a contract at next month's meeting once final revisions have been completed.  Tom is very qualified to perform the meet director job and has agreed to the accountibilities of the position.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM. The next MECTA meeting will be held on March 15, 2000 at Wright Express.


Respectfully submitted,

Peter Serunian