MECTA Meeting Minutes


November 17, 1999 – Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 5:30PM. In attendance were:

Tom Blake (Unum), Peter Serunian (Blue Cross), Jenn Fadiman (Wright Express), Jenn Nelson (USM), Cheryl Gilbert (BIW), Jennifer Drew (Acadia Insurance), Joe Hermans (MMC), Bill Whelan (LL Bean), Irene Fitzgerald (TB/OPPA/CE)

1. The MECTA records were discussed for the one-mile and the two-mile or 1,600 meter and 3,200 meter.

It appears that the races actually run were 1,600 meter and 3,200 meter although they may have been advertised in the announcement as one mile and two-mile. Peter Serunian will see if he is able to make changes to the MECTA records to correctly reflect the times.

All Captains are to review ALL the records and take this opportunity to speak up for changes if not correct.

2. Corporate National Meet: the national competition will be held in Seattle, WA in July, 2000. The deadline for the request for proposal for the national competition in July, 2001 are due by February, 2000. Although Portland, ME has been encouraged to submit an application for the National Competition, there are now currently four cities vying for the 2001 games: Orlando, FL, Philadelphia, PA, Reno, NV, San Diego, CA. There is also the possibility that Eugene, OR will also be submitting the bid. A National Competition is generally sponsored by the host club. USWest/Boeing will host Seattle, WA under the direction of a National Implementation Team. There are typically between 800 – 900 Athletes and 200 support people along with their respective families.

Colby College would love to see us come back and run the National there; and they have indicated that they would not charge our athletes for staying there. Cheryl will look for the RFP, as it should have been now directed to her attention. It was a consensus that we would not submit an application for the 2001 games, but we would seriously look at 2002.

The National Corporate Marathon Team meet will be held February 6, 2000; and, Unum will be sending a team.

3. Irene Fitzgerald has not acquired the awards for outstanding service for one of our members yet.

4. The Treasurer's report was submitted which indicates that the total account balance as of 9/30/99 was $10,587.43. Paul Conley's check has still not been cashed, and Fitzgerald will call to see if he has received it.

5. A major discussion was held with the regard to the position of the Meet Director. We all agreed a job description needs to be done that will specify what the criteria is, what the responsibilities are, and how much money will be paid to the Meet Director. Fitzgerald will do a budget which will show projected income and expenses for the next season to include the cost for each of the facilities so that the Meet Director will have the estimated cost for each meet. We will need to have a contract broken down between:


Respectively Submitted,

M. Irene Fitzgerald