MECTA Meeting Minutes



Meeting was called to order at 5:30PM

In attendance were: Bill Whelan (L.L.Bean), Cheryl Gilbert (B. I.W.), Jen Nelson (U.S.M.), Jenn Brock (Wright Express), Jennifer Drew (Acadia Insurance), Irene Fitzgerald (TB/OPPA/CE), and Paul Conley.

1.National Corporate Track meet: Tom Blake was out of state at a conference and was not available to discuss the RFP at the meeting with us. We do feel that we need a Meet director who will be very organized and move into next season with a basis for the National Competition. This item was tabled until November.

2. Special award: Irene Fitzgerald was authorized to spend up to one hundred dollars ($100.00) to purchase a plaque for outstanding service.

3. MECTA Track Records: Peter Serunian will work with Tom Blake to resolve any outstanding issues with regard to these records. Any issues, comments or concerns should be emailed directly to Peter Serunian.

4. Meet Director: A letter was circulated and printed for distribution to Paul Conley. We continued to discuss some of the items while Paul reviewed the letter for his thoughts. The Captains communicated that the performance did not meet the stated expectations as out lined in the job description which he did have prior to the start of the season. The following standards were not met:

1. No Meet started on time - Paul does agree to this

2. No Meet had the appropriate number of officials – Paul does agree to this

3. Meet locations were not finalized in a timely manner – Paul does agree to this

4. All necessary equipment was not available at all meet locations - Paul indicated that most of the time the equipment was there and he feels that it is poor communication that created the short fall

5. The Meet Director did not attend all of the captain’s meetings during the year after agreeing to the job – Paul indicated that he only missed one he thinks

6. You did not actively recruit any new teams – we all agree this did not occur

7. You did not provide account work activities to the captains as required in the job description - Paul indicated that he was not under the impression that he needed to do this

Paul was disappointed that other captains were not in attendance because he does not want the computer now; he wants the cash. He does not want to be involved as Meet Director for MECTA next season; and he will pass on his list of officials for the next Meet Director.

Paul communicated that Michael Gage did a very good job as Clerk of Course.

Paul has indicated that he thinks the new director should be on board for one year to get to know MECTA. He reiterated he is not interested in the job and wants the computer returned. Upon further reflection he indicated he may want the computer, and will let us know prior to Monday (September 20th).

Paul communicated that our officials are underpaid, and we may have trouble next year securing adequate people to perform these functions.

Finally, payment will be deducted for services rendered during the season of seventy dollars ($70.00) from Paul’s final payment for a total of five hundred and twenty-nine dollars ($529.00).

5. New Team recruitment: Jen Brock will put together one sample package for the recruiting kit as we do not have a complete kit available.

6. Irene Fitzgerald indicated that she had responded to the attorneys pursuing litigation for Willie Stewart.

7. Carol Hogan had communicated information with regards to an organization we could donate money to in lieu of ribbons. This item was tabled to be discussed at the November meeting.

The next meeting will be held on November 17, 1999 – 5:30PM at Wright Express. There is no meeting in October. There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 6:30PM


Respectively Submitted,


M. Irene Fitzgerald