MECTA Meeting Minutes






Cheryl Gilbert (BIW), Joe Hermans (MMC), Jenn Brock (Wright Express), Jenny Nelson (USM), Scott Donohue (AETNA), Irene Fitzgerald (TB/APPA/CT).


Meeting was called to order at 5:30P.M. Meeting was held at Wright Express, Darling Avenue, South Portland.


Items Discussed


Harvard Pilgrim Women Fitness 5K – Cheryl provided information on this race and suggested that we try to put together corporate challenge teams.

Scoring – this item is tabled until the September meeting

Meet Director – Paul Connolly’s performance was not acceptable to the captains in attendance. A letter will be drafted to Paul describing the expectation and requirements that were not met, and the performance that was not acceptable.

National Corporate Track Meet - the request for proposal will come out the beginning of September, and Tom Blake will bring the information to our September meeting. This item was tabled until September.

Awards – this was tabled until September

MECTA Records – the captains would like to be sure that we have accepted all records as outlined in the web site. This item was tabled until September for a discussion with captains who have been in the organization for a long time.

Recruitment packages - we will put together a new sample for potential teams. Irene will email Jenn Brock for the format.

Meet locations - the captains want to focus on Morse, South Portland, Brunswick, and Westbrook ONLY.

Willie Stewart – Irene has been instructed to respond to the attorney representing Willie Stewart with information about our insurance coverage. She had communicated with Allan Muir with regards to the information we should make available to them.

Jackets – Jenn Brock will bring the extra jackets to the September meeting for distribution to those individuals who earned them.

The next Captains meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 16, 5:30P.M., at Wright Express on Darling Avenue. There will be no meeting in October nor December.


The meeting was adjourned at 7P.M. as there was no further business to discuss.



Respectfully submitted,


M. Irene Fitzgerald

Submitted by Irene Fitzgerald 9/10/1999