MECTA Meeting Minutes


MECTA Captains Meeting June 16, 1999 - Minutes



Tom Blake (UNUM), Karen Caplette (G.H. Bass), Paul Conley (Meet Director), Scott Donohue (Aetna), Irene Fitzgerald (TB/OPPA/CT), Cheryl Gilbert (BIW), Cindy Sarkozy (Acadia), Peter Serunian (Blue Cross Blue Shield), Bill Whelan (L.L. Bean)

Meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m.  Meeting was held at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Maine, 2 Gannett Drive, South Portland.

Items discussed

Financial Report - A proposal to use funds from the UNUM account for computer and jackets was passed 7-0.   The following Treasury Report was submitted by Irene Fitzgerald:  MECTA Account balance is $4,275.00, UNUM Account balance is $10,146.51.

Meet Officials - Restated to team captains that unless a team pays for an official upfront, the team must provide an official.  If a team cannot provide a volunteer, they must notify Paul Conley at 770-3040 and Irene Fitzgerald at 878-3625 one week in advance.  If this is not done, then the team cannot compete unless they provide a single volunteer for the entire meet.  This issue will be revisited after the end of the season.

Meet Locations -

    June 19 - Regionals - Thornton Academy
    June 30 - South Portland High School
    July 14 - Bath
    July 24 - State Championship - Thornton Academy

Regional Meet at Thornton Academy - has only Lucent lined up for out of state teams.  The 5K will be off track.  Only ribbons will be awarded.

Relays - Discussion will follow post season on too many relays offered in Regional & State meets.  No change this year.

MECTA Jackets - Jackets were awarded based on attendance at 4 of the last 6 meetings.  Receiving jackets were: Tom Blake, Jen Brock, Peter Serunian, Irene Fitzgerald, Cheryl Gilbert, Jenny Nelson, Cindy Sarkozy, Bill Whelan.

Discussion on specific problems at first two meets. - Paul Conley explained why certain problems have occurred.  It was recommended by BIW that a guideline sheet be placed on the back of each field event clipboard.  Paul Will do this.  It is up to the captains to ensure that the athletes are familiar with the rules. 

Tim Smith/Coaches Awards - Cheryl reminded that voting for Tim Smith and Coaches award voting would take place once again at State Meet.  Peter will post a performance summary on the web site prior to the State meet.

Next MECTA meeting is scheduled for July 21 at Wright Express.

Nationals - There will be a Captain's Meeting on the track at Regional Meet while children are warming up to discuss interest in submitting bid for future Nationals, perhaps 2001.

Next Meeting

When - Wednesday, July 21, at 5:30pm.

Location - Wright Express Corporation at 97 Darling Avenue in South Portland.

Submitted by Peter Serunian and Tom Blake 06/16/1999