MECTA Meeting Minutes


MECTA Captains Meeting May 12, 1999 - Minutes



Tom Blake (UNUM), Jenn Brock (Wright Express), Karen Caplette (G.H. Bass), Larry Dearborn (TB/OPPA/CT), Irene Fitzgerald (TB/OPPA/CT), Cheryl Gilbert (BIW), Joe Hermans (Maine Medical Center), Jenny Nelson (USM), Dan Sacco (Pierce Atwood), Cindy Sarkozy (Acadia), Peter Serunian (Blue Cross Blue Shield), Bill Whelan (L.L. Bean)

Meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m.

Items discussed

Team Captain Jackets - Are not in yet.  Hopefully, they will be in by the first meet.   Below is a  tally of the attendence totals for all of the meetings from Dec thru May, excluding the March meeting (I don't have the minutes/attendence for March - Peter S.).

Jacket - Attendence Tally
Must attend 5 meetings Dec 98 - July 99 to Receive a Jacket
Tom Blake F,A,M 3
Jenn Brock D,J,F,A,M 5
Paul Conley A, 1
Larry Dearborn M 1
Irene Fitzgerald F,M 2
Cheryl Gilbert D,J,F,A,M 5
Joe Hermans A,M 2
Jenny Nelson A,M 2
Cindy Sarkozy F,A,M, 3
Peter Serunian D,J,F,A,M 5
Bill Whelan J,F,A,M, 4


Meet Locations - No update from Paul Conley, who was absent from today's meeting.  Tom Blake will contact Paul to check on meet locations.  Paul needs to forward the meet information to Peter as soon as possible.  Peter will email this info to all team captains and post on website.

Team Information - Peter Serunian was notified by Adam Thebeau (Healthsource) that Healthsource will not have a team this season.  Bob Payne may be looking for a team.  Tom Blake has two more companies, Sebago Insurance and Ingraham Volunteers, for Larry Dearborn and Irene Fitzgerald to send MECTA information to.  Irene will send out the information packages as soon as possible.  Dan Sacco stated that Pierce Atwood and Forum Financial are considering combining into one team.

Meet and MECTA Fees - Payments have been received from BIW and G.H. Bass.

Team Rosters - The deadline for submitting rosters was May 12.  The only rosters received are Acadia, BCBS, G.H. Bass, L.L. Bean, and U.S.M.  Adequate time is needed to process the rosters, so any teams planning to compete at the first meet must submit their lists right away.   Roster forms can be printed directly off the MECTA website and faxed or mailed to Peter Serunian.

Paid Officials - BCBS, G.H Bass, and USM have indicated that they will all be paying for officials for the entire season.

Preferred Meet Locations -

May 26 Westbrook
June 9 Brunswick
June 19 Thornton Academy
June 30 Westbrook
July 14 Brunswick
July 24 Westbrook

New Mailing Address - Irene Fitzgerald, MECTA Treasurer, has changed her mailing address to:  P.O. Box 1457, Portland, ME 04104.  Teams who still haven't paid their 1999 dues and meet fees should use this new mailing address for submitting their checks.

Meet Director Contract - Discussed the Meet Directors contract, which still needs to be worked out with Paul Conley.  Irene Fitzgerald will work with Paul to finalize the details on the contract.

5K Road Race Certification - Irene Fitzgerald brought up the issue of course certification.  Tom will check with Thornton Academy and Westbrook to find out if either facility can design a 5K course, and what the cost is to certify.  Preference was to have at least the 5K course at the Regional meet certified.

Ribbons - Peter Serunian received word from Scott Donohue, Aetna/NYLCare, that he will handle the award ribbons again this season.  Scott mentioned that the supply on hand seems adequate to cover this year's needs.

Racing Numbers -   Irene Fitzgerald will put through a rush order for numbers (number ranges requested: 501-900) and deliver to Peter Serunian by next Wednesday.  Team Rosters cannot be entered until the numbers are available.

Insurance - Irene Fitzgerald stated that she needs the specific dates and locations for each of the meets in order to submit the insurance forms.

Equipment - Discussed the need to purchase 3 stop watches and 1 200' tape measure.  A motion was made by Acadia, seconded by Wright Express to purchase.  Motion carries 9-0.


Treasurer’s Report

Irene has been unable to contact Deb Hatton who controls the UNUM account.   Tom Blake will contact Deb and request that she forward a statement to Irene.   The MECTA checking account has a balance of $1631.56.

Next Meeting

When - Wednesday, June 16, at 5:30pm.

Location - Wright Express Corporation at 97 Darling Avenue in South Portland.

Submitted by Peter Serunian and Tom Blake 05/12/1999