MECTA Meeting Minutes


MECTA Captains Meeting April 21, 1999 - Minutes



Tom Blake (UNUM), Jenn Brock (Wright Express), Paul Conley (Meet Director), Cheryl Gilbert (BIW), Joe Hermans (Maine Medical Center), Jenny Nelson (USM), Cindy Sarkozy (Acadia), Peter Serunian (Blue Cross Blue Shield), Bill Whelan (L.L. Bean)

Meeting was called to order at 5:40 p.m. by Cheryl. 

Items discussed

Discussed details related to the proposed contract, between MECTA and Paul Conley, for the position of meet director.  A suggestion was made by Paul to have MECTA purchase a PC that would be used exclusively by Paul.  Paul would keep the computer at the end of the season.  A motion was made to put $1000 in MECTA funds towards the purchase of the PC.  Motion made by Wright Express, seconded by BIW.  Unum expressed concern due to several factors, including no treasurer present, no secretary present, lack of minutes from previous meetings, anticipated contractual details not available at the meeting as expected.  Unum encouraged the motion be tabled.  BIW tabled the motion until the next meeting scheduled for May 12.

Regional Meet - Motion by UNUM, seconded by L.L. Bean, to:

  1. Payment for Non MECTA teams: Div I $100, Div II $75, Div III $50
  2. Order of events to be the same as in 1998
  3. Flyer to announce location TBD.  All rosters for the out-of-state teams should go to Peter Serunian at email address:   Roster deadline is June 1.  Add c/o Tom Blake to address on flyer.   Change fee structure to reflect new fees.  Tom will have Joan Lavin (UNUM) update regional flyer, then forward copies to Cheryl and Peter for review.
  4. Paul was given direction to find regional meet with priority given to A) Thornton Academy, B) any other track in southern Maine having eight lanes
  5. Paul will let Cheryl know if TA is an 8-lane track and when resurfacing is completed.

Meet locations - Paul will check availability of Brunswick and Westbrook for all regular meets.  Discussed use of Morse H.S. in Bath as a potential site.

Schedule of events - Motion by Wright Express, seconded by Acadia (6-1)

  • May 26 meet will be same as May 20, 1998
  • June 9 meet will be same as June 3, 1998
  • Regional meet, June 19, will be same as last years Regional meet
  • June 30 meet will be same as June 17, 1998
  • July 14 meet will be same as June 3, 1998 (exception:  1mile changed to 2 mile)
  • State Championship meet, July 24, will be same as last years State Championship meet (exception:  no hurdles)

Discussed hurdles event.  Paul expressed concern over safety issues, and resources needed to set up hurdles.  Support for hurdles passed.  Motion by Wright Express, seconded by L.L. Bean, to remove hurdles from July 24 meet.  Motion carries 4-2-1.  Hurdles to be held June 30 meet only.

Discussion initiated by USM in reference to Warren Dorr, who works for the State of Maine and competed on the USM team last season.  Interpretation of MECTA rules is that if the combination was to be made, USM would move from division II up to division I.   If any Maine team eventually forms, then Warren could join that team.

Peter will contact Scott Donohue (NYLCare) to see if Scott will again handle the distribution of ribbons.

The deadline for submitting MECTA team rosters is May 12, which coincidentally, is the date of the next scheduled Team Captains Meeting.  All captains are encouraged to bring their rosters to the next meeting or submit to Peter Serunian 3E050, Blue Cross Blue Shield, 2 Gannett Drive, South Portland, Maine 04106.  Team Roster forms are available on the MECTA web site.

Peter will contact Irene Fitzgerald (OPPA) regarding the order for racing numbers.   Irene had mentioned earlier the possibility of obtaining numbers from Runners World at little or no cost.  Approximately 400 numbers are needed for the upcoming season.

Meeting ended at 7:00 p.m..  Next meeting to be held on May 12, at Wright Express.


Treasurer’s Report

Not available.

Next Meeting

When - Wednesday, May 12 at 5:30pm.

Location - Wright Express Corporation at 97 Darling Avenue in South Portland.

Submitted by Peter Serunian and Tom Blake 04/21/1999