MECTA Meeting Minutes


MECTA Captains Meeting October 21, 1998 - Minutes


Cheryl Gilbert (BIW), Bill Whelan (LLB), Larry Dearborn (OPP), Jennifer Brock (WEX) and Tom Blake (UNUM).


Items discussed

Upcoming Elections – Election of Officers will be held at our November meeting. Jenn Brock will be mailing election notification and MECTA bylaws prior to this meeting.

Administrative Director – Tom Blake has proposed that we look at hiring an Administrative Director for the 1999 season. Jenn motioned and Tom seconded to form a committee to prepare a formal proposal package. This motion was passed by a unanimous vote. A committee of Tom Blake, Peter Serunian and Jenn Brock will meet prior to the November meeting. A copy of Tom’s initial proposal is attached.

Number of Meets– Several people voiced their opinion that the ’98 season was too short and that we should look at going back to a 6 meet season.

Home Tracks – It was decided that we will pursue the idea of home tracks for the ’99 season. This would be facilitated by the Administrative Director if we decide to hire one.

WEB Site – Peter Serunian has been working diligently to update the MECTA website. All records have been updated. Results show that 30 records were broken this year. Peter has distributed a copy of all records for all captains to review. If you did not receive a copy, it can be found at

Year 2000 Meet – If anyone is interested in joining a committee to give a further look at this meet, please contact Tom Blake. Tom will be arranging a meeting to discuss the Year 2000/2001 meets with all interested parties. Tom can be e-mailed at or phoned 207 799-5723.

Letterhead – Jenn Brock submitted several designs, one was selected with the request that MECTA officers be listed down the right-hand side. Please contact Jenn if you need any letterhead.

Meeting Schedule for 1998 – all meetings for the remainder of 1998 will be held at 5:30pm at Wright Express on the following dates:

November 18th ~ Special Meeting – Election of Officers

December 16th


Treasurer’s Report

The MECTA checking account currently has $1,314.56. The MECTA account as UNUM has an approximate balance of $11,342.35.


Next Meeting

When - Wednesday, November 18th at 5:30pm.

Location - Wright Express Corporation at 97 Darling Avenue in South Portland.


Submitted by Jennifer Brock 10/27/1998