MECTA Meeting Minutes


MECTA Captains Meeting September 16, 1998 - Minutes


Cheryl Gilbert (BIW), Bill Whelan (LLB), Irene Fitzgerald (OPP), Larry Dearborn (OPP), Jennifer Brock (WEX) and Gerry Myatt (Meet Director).


Items discussed

Upcoming Elections – Election of Officers will be held at our November meeting. Jenn Brock will be mailing election notification and MECTA bylaws prior to this meeting.

Meet Director – MECTA has decided to look for a new Meet Director. Gerry Myatt attended the September meeting and voiced his frustrations in regards to securing tracks and being able to ensure that all meet requirements are met. Gerry is aware that MECTA is looking at other options and has volunteered to provide assistance. Final arrangements for this search will be made at the October 21st meeting

Meet Volunteers – A decision was made to continue with the preprinted corporate volunteer list. For those team who have paid their volunteer fee for the season, PAID will appear next to the corporation’s name

Tracks – After a difficult time this season in firming up tracks, do we want to consider establishing one or two "home" tracks for MECTA.? This to be a major topic of discussion for the October 21st meeting

WEB Site – 1998 results need to be reviewed for new MECTA records (Clint Merrill, Cathy McCosh and Mike Schneider are just some). We would also like to see information on associated events (i.e. corporate challenges) start appearing on the MECTA web.

Year 2000 Meet – This to be a major topic of discussion for the October 21st meeting.

USATF 3rd party Waivers for 1999 – Jenn will look into how we can secure 3rd party waiver for all 1999 meets prior to the start of the season.

Letterhead – Submissions for MECTA letterhead designs will be reviewed at the October meeting. If you wish to submit a design, please forward it to Jenn Brock or bring it to the October meeting.

Meeting Schedule for 1998 – all meetings for the remainder of 1998 will be held at 5:30pm at Wright Express on the following dates:

October 21st

November 18th ~ Special Meeting – Election of Officers

December 16th


Treasurer’s Report

The MECTA checking account currently has approximately $1427.00 with the following outstanding debts: $120.00 to Thornton Academy and $43.00 to Tom Blake. The MECTA account at UNUM has an approximate balance of $11,000.


Outstanding Issues

The MECTA mailing list is very out of date. Tom Blake and Jenn Brock will work together to "clean up" the list. If you would like to proactively provide updated information, please send the following information to Jenn Brock at or fax to 791-1603.

Team Captain, Company, Mailing Address, Phone #, Fax # and e-mail address

It is very important that Board Members and Team Captains attend the monthly meetings


Next Meeting

When - Wednesday, October 21st at 5:30pm.

Location - Wright Express Corporation at 97 Darling Avenue in South Portland.


Submitted by Jennifer Brock 9/28/1998