MECTA Meeting Minutes

MECTA Meeting Minutes



Cheryl Gilbert (BIW), Joe Carlozzi (PCM), Cindy Sarkozy (Acadia Ins),
Larry Dearborn and Irene Fitzgerald (Old Port Pensioners)

Items discussed:

1). BIW, Health Source and Acadia Ins are having a hard time getting
their t-shirts, and may not have them for the first meet. We will make
sure that the members do have some kind of shirt with the company name,
and alert the timers to make sure they have the correct BIB number.

2).A. Peter Serunian MUST have the team rosters by noon, Friday May 15, 1998.
You can Fax them (the Fax number is on the roster), but please do so
before noon time. By adhering to this, Peter will be able to input
the names into the data base and call team captains if he see's a
problem. This will help minimize any potential confusion and/or scoring errors at the first meet.
B.The meet location will need to have a scorers booth close to the
track and inside a building to provide for safe, accurate manning of the

3).Remember to get the correct birth year for your team members. It's
to be their actual birth year. All participants are required to compete
in their actual age group.

4).Individuals are not permitted to participate in 1998. This means
that the mile and two mile races we have opened to the public in the
past, will not be offered this year. We regret if this is a problem for
anyone. If it is, please have them contact Cheryl Gilbert, telephone
442-1817 or 443-3923, to see if there is a team available for them to

5). There seems to be a discrepancy in the flier mailed to the team
captains and the events to be offered at the first meet. You should
have received a Fax from Susan Olson on this subject. Tom Blake is
concerned that we are offering the 100M instead of the 200M, (He's
afraid of injuries). If other team captains feel the same, we can
change the 100M to the 200M. Let Cheryl know.

6).Irene Fitzgerald is procuring BIB numbers for us. Remind your team
they must keep them for the entire season. Irene and Larry have also
purchased ribbons.

7). Financial status was provided by Irene. She will also be pursuing
501c3 status for MECTA.

8). The next team Captains Meeting will be held at UNUM the SECOND
Tuesday of June, as the third Tuesday is also the day before a MECTA
meet. THE DATE IS Tuesday June 9th, 1998.

Discussion outside of the meeting, and should be considered:

1). The meet notices should have the year on them, as well as the month
and day.

2). We need to remove the individual fee from the Regional Flier.

Most important of all:

1). Fitzpatrick Stadium is no longer the meet location for the first
meet of 1998. Neither is South Portland. I contacted Bath and they we
very receptive, and want us to come, but they had a Lacrosse game
scheduled. Thursday May 14th, I will contact Brunswick High School as
well as Mt.Ararat to see if they are available. Bath is available on
Wednesday the 27th if all else fails and we reschedule. I'd love to
have you see Bath's track, I think you would like it.

Any questions, please call. I hope there aren't too many spelling