MECTA Captains’ Meeting  June 15th, 2011 at UNUM, Outer Congress Street South Portland, Maine



Present: Mike Martin (Treas) -UNUM, Sean Keough-DRMS, Lyndee Palmer-IDEXX, John Maley-IDEXX

Via Telephone: Shannon Parsons (Pres)-UNUM, Tom Blake-UNUM, Cheryl Gilbert-BIW, David Van Duyne-IDEXX and Matt Green-City of South Portland


1. John Maley volunteered to act as recording Secretary


2. Turbo Jav event was discussed. There was some confusion at the last meet in Westbrook as to whether it should be run in flights or run as an “open” event. Decision was made that it will be run as an OPEN event meaning that throwers get in line and throw their throws when they are able. Running “flights” like the shot put and discus would make it difficult for athletes who compete in some running events including relays. The Turbo-jav is the most popular event at our meets and the spread of distances from 30 feet to 150 feet for throwers suggest there may be a need for a third official at some point instead of one at the throw line and one to spot where the javelin lands.


3. Discussion about whether the High Jump should start at 3’2” or 3’6”. Decision was made to start at 3’2” for the rest of the year and to change the wording on the MECTA Website to reflect that change in the Fall. It was felt that this would allow more senior athletes to be able to compete. Chuck Record, TDBank, had suggested a new High Jump standard that would allow near widely different bar heights without the need for moving the standard up and down, but it was felt that we could save the money and still give everyone a chance to jump if we had a PA system with which we could announce that the bar was being moved up. Discussion about the PA system follows in item 7 below.


4. Start line for the hurdles for men aged 50 + was discussed and decided that it would be at the Womens’ start…making the race 100 Meters for women,  men 50 and up and 110 meters for men younger than 50.


5. IDEXX asked if the other teams were okay with IDEXX new uniforms being red since the City of South Portland also has red shirts. Since IDEXX is clearly marked on the shirts the captains agreed it would be okay, IDEXX should convert over to all members wearing read shirts by the next meet.


6. Tom brought up the issue of records. The records were all updated last year and Ron Kelly is supposed to update them continually as they are broken through the season. Apparently this is not happening and it was suggested that Ron come to the next Captains’ meeting so we can find out what he needs to be able to keep it updated. Captains were reminded that a few years ago the records were listed at the top of every event so it would be easy to tell when a record had been broken.  It seems that when Pam Swan stopped handling the results we lost that feature. Tom and Matt agreed to check with Ron to see what can be done. Adding Unattached Records for all events and all age groups has added some complexity.


7. The PA system we have is 17 years old and in need of repair. It is difficult to impossible to run a meet without it. Tom thought it would cost at least $200 to repair it and a new system can be purchased for over $500. It was suggested that we try to get it repaired since we don’t have the money to spend on a new one. Tom will get an estimate.


8. Tom informed us that he had purchased two 165 foot tapes for use in the discus and turbo-jav. We had been using broken tapes. Total cost of $46.


9. Discussion about UNUM practice at SPHS. Due to resurfacing work at SPHS, UNUM will move its practice to Westbrook after June 20th. Matt Green will coordinate South Portland Team practices so there is not a conflict.There is a concern that SPHS may not be available for the scheduled meet there, so it was decided to check into holding this meet at Westbrook HS. We do not currently pay to use this facility. If we were to go to Scarborough as an alternative we would have to pay and if a rain date is required we could not be certain we could get that field. People feel comfortable with Westbrook.


10. Sean asked for clarification if “Summer interns” could compete. Answer is yes…as long as they are working 20 hours per week or more


11. Matt informed us that attendance at the first meet this year was a little less than last year, 110 compared to 116 a year ago. Second meet was about 139 compared to 145 last year


Treasurer did not have the current balance, but said that two teams who are competing have not paid their fees for 2011…not sure which ones but thought IDEXX was not current.


Discussion about trophies for the New England Meet revolved around having fewer awards and scaling down from large trophies to “cups”, “bowls” or plaques. Concern was saving some money for MECTA as well as making it easier to find a place to display the smaller award. It was felt that the trophies were too big and cumbersome to find space to display them. There will be a savings because there are no teams in Division 3 this year. Possibility of only awarding plaques or bowls to first and second teams. Tom and Cheryl will get quotes from two trophy suppliers. We’re already saving money because we have cancelled the State Meet this year to save money.


Discussion about the upcoming Maine Games. Several MECTA members will compete and it was suggested that any members make it known to the meet director with the hope of having the meet in the Greater Portland Area in the future.


Discussion about possibility of contacting John Rogers of Maine Running Company to suggest a jointly sponsored road race after the usual road race season. Thinking is that it could be a way of raising some revenues for MECTA. Other suggestions were talked about for sponsoring more Road Races to raise funds. Mackworth Island was one venue suggested. Matt, Cheryl and Tom will get together as a subgroup to discuss options and report back.


Tom offered congratulations and gratitude for the great participation South Portland has accomplished over the last two years. Everyone agreed with Tom. This is a real success story. Way to go Matt and SP