Captain of the Year
Presented to a team captain who: represents the spirit of wellness, makes a significant contribution to the successful operation of the team, MECTA member for at least two years, role model for other members, trains to participate at a personal competitive level, competes in multiple events, and participates in at least 75% of MECTA meets.
Recipient Team
2016 Dan Frey OA Spectrum
2015 Hollie Corbett South Portland
2014 Tom Blake UNUM
2013 Cheryl Gilbert BIW
2012 Blue Butterfield Maine Health
2011 Lyndee Palmer IDEXX
2010 Matt Green South Portland
2009 Amy Farrell & Lee Stanton Mid Coast Health
2008 Emily Smith Maine Health
2007 Cheryl Gilbert BIW
2006 Emily Smith Maine Health
2005 Nick Hodgkins Maine DEP
2004 Chuck Record TD Banknorth
2003 Sam Rinaldi Wright Express
2002 Tom Blake UNUM
2001 Chris Supple GH Bass
2000 Peter Serunian Blue Cross Blue Shield
1999 Irene Fitzgerald Old Port Pension
1998 Peter Serunian Blue Cross Blue Shield
1997 Cheryl Gilbert Bath Iron Works
Peter Cooley Award
Presented, in memory of Peter Cooley, an IDEXX employee and runner who died in the spring of 2004 during an ascent of Mt. Ranier, to a person other than a captain that meets the same criteria as those laid out for the Captain of the Year Award.
Recipient Team
2016 Art Marcoux South Portland
2015 Steve Chabot OA Spectrum
2014 Mike Martin UNUM
2013 Hollie Corbett South Portland
2012 Andrew Wallace South Portland
2011 John Maley IDEXX
2010 Cindy Senkbeil BIW
2009 Mike Martin UNUM
2008 Ray Shevenell UNUM
2007 Pam Swan BIW
2006 Lisa Gyurko TD Banknorth
2005 Matt Green TD Banknorth
2004 Chris Supple IDEXX
Tim Smith Award
Presented, in memory of Tim Smith, a Unum employee who died in 1987, to the outstanding distance runner of the season.
Recipient Team
2016 Hollie Corbett South Portland
2015 Nate Priest UNUM
2014 Hollie Corbett South Portland
2013 Katie Dolbec Maine Health
2012 Jerry LeVasseur BIW
2011 Peter Downing DRMS
2010 Andrew Lupien South Portland
2009 Robert Ashby BIW
2008 Jim Toulouse Unum
2007 Polly Kenniston Unum
2006 Kristin Barry Maine Health
2005 Erin Brennan TD Banknorth
2004 Scott Gorneau IDEXX
2003 Marjorie Graff LL Bean
2002 Tim Sickel BIW
2001 Ray Shevenell Unum
2000 Christine Snow-Reaser Maine Medical Center
1999 Carol Hogan Thompson Bowie
1998 Joan Lavin Unum
1997 Gayla Underkoffler Unum
1996 Diane Aston ABB/Gouws
1995 Robert Ashby BIW
1994 none none
1993 Betsy Barrett Unum
1992 Bob Peruzzi NYNEX
1991 Bob Payne New England Telephone
1990 Jennifer Rolfe SD Warren
1989 Bob Payne New England Telephone
1988 Jim Toulouse Unum
1989 Bob Payne New England Telephone
1988 Jim Toulouse Unum
John Maley Award
Presented, in memory of John Maley, an IDEXX employee and team captain who died in 2012, to the season's outstanding competitor in shot put and discus.
2016 Catherine Rush TD Bank
2015 Frank Arsenault South Portland
2014 Karen Reardon South Portland
2013 James "Rocky" Rothrock IDEXX
2012 John Maley IDEXX
Judy Hursine Award
Presented, in honor of Judy Hairsine, a former Unum employee, to the an outstanding sprinter and/or jumper.
2016 Lisa Latno UNUM